It’s back-to-school time

September 2016   Comments

Marc Bourgeois
On July 11, my daughter celebrated her 14th birthday. I was honoured that she let me go to the local waterpark with her and her friends to celebrate this event. If I am honest with myself, I would need to admit that she simply needed someone to drive them.

It was a nice sunny day, and we were all having fun until…a radio ad for back-to-school supplies caught the attention of revelling bathers of all ages. Suddenly, my daughter and her friends made faces as if they were sucking on lemons. I and several parents around us started to smile. It wasn’t because I was happy to see summer nearing its end. Geez, it was only July 11! It was more because I have always felt rejuvenated physically and mentally when September came around — even as a student getting ready to go back to school and hit the books.

In June, CNA delivered first-rate workshops and plenary sessions to more than 600 nurses attending the biennial convention in Saint John, N.B. Hosted by the Nurses Association of New Brunswick, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, convention attendees were privileged to hear from colleagues from across the country and from around the world.

Our convention is but one way for nurses to gain knowledge and update their skills. The CNA Certification Program remains a popular choice for thousands of nurses, who apply each year for initial certification or renewal by writing the exam or through continuous learning. CNA’s certification exams are regularly updated to reflect the latest best practices in each specialty area. I invite you to learn more about this program. We now offer a spring writing session as well as a fall session.

Everybody needs to keep their skills and knowledge up to date in any field of work. Conventions and workshops are as important for you as they are for your clients and patients.

Marc Bourgeois

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